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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I am...

So basically what you see..
Name: Ashley
Nicknames: Ash (most common..I'm totally cool with being called this) Ashwe (co-workers call me this), Flashley. (Another one a co-worker calls me, and not for the reason you're now probably thinking)
B-day: April 4,1986
State: Texas
Job(s): Current-Lead Pharmacy Tech, Before I worked at Braums (a fast food restaurant)
Family: 1 brother, 3 nieces
Pets: Cat-Hermione (Yup, like from harry potter. That was her name when I got her. My niece nick named her Mine-e because she couldn't say the full name.)

Liking is the hardest part!
Animal-Tiger (any variety of big cats)
The 1 hour Tv show(s)-Charmed, The O.C, One Tree Hill, Supernatural,
The 1/2 hour shows- Friends
Reality Tv- Big Brother, The Voice, America's Got Talent
Rapper- Eminem
Color- Red and Black
Book Series- Vampire Academy
Books- Young Adult (YA)
Watching it storm (as long as there are no tornadoes involved)
Winter (I love the cold being able to snuggle up in blankets.)

Hate is such a strong word!
Insurance Companies- (I deal with the drug insurance companies on a daily basis and they suck.)
Ignorant People- (I guess you could put stupid, rude, and everything else with this as well. I'm sorry but these types of people irritate me because usually they have no reason to be.)
Summer (I like swimming, but I hate the heat.)

I'm a what?
I'm a 25 year old bookaholic. If you asked me back when I was a teenager in high school is this what I thought I'd be like...A book in my hands reading for pleasure...my answer. No. I hated reading. Simple as that. I hated it. Now I cringe at the thought of even hearing myself saying that.
But like...Who are you really?
Oh you mean aside from the bookish me. I work as a Pharmacy Tech at CVS. Yes we're the ones that ask for the annoying cvs card. Don't get me wrong I like my job, but some of the stuff they come up with irritates me. It's as if we don't have anything better to do then call and annoy people at home, or whatever. I'm curious as to what these Rhode Island big wig Cvs people are thinking. Is it not enough that we have to fill our patients scripts so they can go home and get to feeling better, but we have to in my opinion do paperwork that's pointless. Just let us take care of our patients! (My mini work rant)

When I'm not working, I spend a lot of my free time at home, maybe not my home necessarily, but you get the picture. I just try to relax. I like to watch movies, and curl up and read. I enjoy writing stories and poetry. (Most my poetry is that angsty teen stuff.) I've been thinking about going back to school to try and pursue something in the pharmaceutical area that's not a tech. Maybe even something in the English department. (Then those dreams get shot down by those who say what could you possibly do with an English degree. Thanks for the support people.) I actually have one pharmacist that always tells me "Ashley you should go back to school and do something in the English area.' It's funny too the way he says it I guess cause he has a thick accent. My music taste is varied really. I'm not to picky when it comes to that. I <3 Eminem. I'm pretty shy at first, but once I get to know someone I open up. I'm very close to my family (mom, brother, nieces, grandma). I'm very easy to be around and I like everyone until they go and treat me like crap. Then it's usually hard to get me to trust them again.

Doing huh?
I love creating stories. Okay, trying to create them. Is there a difference? My friend was actually a lot better at coming up with the main points when we wrote together. We called them our never ending story. I kid you not we have quite a few. Vampires/Vampire Hunters and Witches/Fairies. those were our two longest running ones. Then Witches in College, Hybrids, Fairies, teenagers stranded on an island, celebrities, and probably many more. Our latest is actually a vampire one that I love to pieces, but we haven't worked on it since 2010. Then I have my own I started from back in High School which are a girl who has visions (This one by far was my fave. I should try and pick up on it. I even thought about using it for NaNoWriMo this year. I tried last year but failed miserably), cliques at schools, two special teen girls with special parents, and others. I know I'm pretty vague on what the stories are about. I'm bad with trying to make a synopsis.

Why exactly?
I love reading. I love books. They let us go to worlds beyond--only imagineable in our minds, they let us become the characters, travel to times we've never been, see worlds we might never see. Books are much more than words just written. They are stories that need to be told. Reading is so much more than just seeing words on a page. It's an understanding that life may not always be the best, but it could be much worse.

Just saying!
Don't judge me because I read and enjoy it. Don't look at me funny when you see a book in my hand and not something else. Talk to me. Get to know me. Understand that just because I sometimes would rather live in a world other than my own that I do still live in this one.

My Epilogue...
I don't bite. I don't shift. I don't cast. I can't fly. I don't have fins. I just read. That is just me.
(If you read any YA then you know have somewhat of an idea as to what this means.) That is all!


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