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This was at one point in time my book blog. As you can probably tell from some past posts, and the name -Read N Write This Way- That was in it's younger days. Now it is the New and Improved Read & Write & DESIGN this way.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sitting on pencils with a book Design

This was my 4th blog layout to make, and I actually got the idea from a friend of mine's blog (hint's the title that's on the picture. So yeah that part I will have to change.)
Other than that it's pretty much for your use.If you need your title put on it let me know, and I can do that. Even a button like the picture I can do that. If any of the link colors or text colors you don't like those can be changed as well.
If you would like to know I how to add this as your layout I would be happy to try and walk you through it. I know it can be a pain sometimes. It took me forever and a day to figure it out. :)

The only rule I can think of is if you do decide to use it please,please give me credit for the layout (not the picture itself) linking back to here. :) Also leave me a comment letting me know you used it. I would be thrilled to know that it was used on someones blog. :)

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