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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Side Note..

Ok this isn't really going to be a blog or nothing. Usually if I don't write something over here on this one then you can probably find something from my daily life written here http://angelicnytmare.blogspot.com/ my personal ramblings and such. Oh I'm like 200 pages away from finishing Beautiful Creatures so that when Beautiful Darkness comes out I can get it. See there's one book on my list for next week is it? I'm so far happy with the book, but more on that when I do finish. Ok so I said I would give a little preview of my work. So here it is....

  • Reed Castle- In the short time I have been working at S.M.R.(Sacred Mortal Recovery) I have seen my share of deaths maybe more than one person should, but I knew it would happen going into this field. Also by doing so I knew that I could help those who others deemed as "unworthy."  The little blonde girl in room 102 was one of my latest patient. Like all the other younger patients I had high hopes that she would pull through the treatment.

:) Interested? This is just one Characters outlook...For another...this isn't the actual beginning. It's a middle part I liked.
  • Emberlyn- Probably the most important thing I’d never get to experience is the whole soul mate thing. Lets face it, once you’re dead… you’re soul-less. That’s the controversy right now, at least. With that being said, how can you have a "soul mate" if you have no soul? It's weird how once you lose the chance at having the things you never really cared about in life, you automatically want. These are some of the things that my brain has held onto since being in my "dead state", as I like to call it.
So that is what I have in the works as of now.

Happy Reading and Blogging :)


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