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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's on my plate?

Well let's see as of right now I'm just sitting here letting my friend somewhat edit what I wrote. I'm really not all that great at the whole editing stuff. That's totally her job. I love her for it too. :P I was just thinking what am I gonna get to buy this week when I get my paycheck. I like to treat myself a little. I know for one thing I'll be getting Beautiful Darkness that just came out Tuesday, also I'm debating on whether or not to get the Gilmore Girls 6th season I just finished season 5 and I am like why the hell did they end the season like that (I know the shows over and I can easily watch all seasons but still) I mean to cut it off at Loreli asking Luke to marry her what the? It's a good thing I can easily watch it because....yeah.....So I'm thinking those will be the two things I splurge on then come my bills. I hate bills. They suck. You never know though like I said if I go to a book store or anywhere that has books I'm way in over my head. It's addiction that can't be stopped.
I will more than likely buy other books. I'm trying to keep my self from buying anymore right now just because I already have a long freakin' list of TBR books. I'm trying  very hard to keep from getting the mortal instrument series because I can't read them now, but they're like always in my walmart book section when I go over and look. I know I'm kind of just babbling right now. Bad habit. So right now my current read is Strange Angels by Lili St.Crow tryin to finish it up soon but I'm only on like page 100 or something.

Happy Reading and Blogging

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